Disney Barbie Cake

What you will need:

Serrated knife

3 colors of buttercream

3 (9”) pre-made cakes

Kitchen Aid bowl

Saran wrap

1 Bell Barbie

3 piping tips (1M star, 104, 798S)

3 piping bags

Flower petal candies


Disco dust or edible silver glitter


Using Saran Wrap, line a Kitchen Aid bowl (or any deep bowl). Leave some draped over the top so you can pull on it to remove the cake later.

Using the serrated knife, cut each (3) 9” round cakes in half.

Place one layer in the bottom of the bowl. Press the layer snuggly into the bowl.

Place a dollop of buttercream on the first layer and spread evenly.

Add each layer on top of each other, adding buttercream between each layer till it reaches the top of the bowl.

Place the cake in the fridge for 3-4 hours.

Remove and add a thin layer of butter cream around the whole cake and place back in the fridge to harden up. This will keep the crumbs from getting into the finished decorated cake.

Take out of the fridge.

Lift the cake out of the Kitchen Aid with the excess saran wrap. Place it on a cake platter or round cardboard.

Cut out a small circle at the top of the cake and scoop small spoonfuls out, all the way down, so the Barbie can fit.

Wrap the Barbie’s dress from the waist down in Saran Wrap. Cover her hair with Saran Wrap too. This will keep her hair from getting into the buttercream as you decorate. Gently place the Barbie into the top of the cake.

Add 3 fun piping tips into 3 different piping bags. Snip off the ends so they fit.

Add your colored buttercream to each piping bag.

Decorating time! You can create any design.

Use a toothpick to etch your design into the buttercream.

I started with white buttercream and a 1M Star tip to decorate the bottom front of the dress.

Using the 798s tip, make an up and down pattern for her skirt.

Using the 104 tip, make a swoop design across the dress.

Use a round tip to make a flower petal design at the top of the dress.

Add small dots to replicate seams in the dress.

Then decorate with fun petal flower candies and flick silver disco dust for a glitter effect.

Place in the fridge to harden up and take out 2-4 hours before your party.

#buttercream #cakes #Barbie #Decorating

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